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Book Dr. Sirs 

Are you interested in having Dr. Sirs speak to your group? She is available to present on the following topics:

  • Supporting Executive Functions

  • Meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of individuals on the autism spectrum (high functioning/ formerly defined as Asperger's)

  • Use of poi spinning & movement for self-regulation and healing

  • Self-care for the helping professions

  • Implementing trauma-informed practices

To discuss scheduling and rates, please Dr. Sirs at (208) 250-5133

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Dr. Sirs' Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Dr. Sirs' Speaking History

The following is a partial list of speaking engagements, which gives an idea of the scope of topics on which Dr. Sirs has presented:


April 2021 - Poi Spinning as Self-Care and Connection, Saint Martin's University

March 2021 - Big Feelings in Little Bodies: Supporting Emotional Health in Preschoolers. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), Centralia group

February 2021 - An Intersection: Mental Health, COVID, and Higher Education, Saint Martin's University

August 2020 - Creating a trauma-informed classroom: COVID-19  Edition, Saint Martin's University

November 2019 - Movement in MTSS: Facilitating Readiness to Learn Across the Tiers, Advancing Mental Health in Schools, National Conference

September 2019 - Too Stressed Out to Learn, Saint Martin's University

March 2019 - Serving Students on the Autism Spectrum, Saint Martin's University

November 2017 - Harnessing Dragon Power: Creating Community at Dower, Dower Elementary School, Lakewood, WA

October 2017 - Purposeful Movement, NorthWest Association of Independent Schools Fall Educator’s Conference, Tacoma, WA.

January 2017 - Assessing and Treating Social Competencies: Norms to Nuances, Pierce County Counselor's Association.

October 2016 - The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Movement, NorthWest Association of Independent Schools Fall Educator’s Conference, Tacoma, WA.

September 2016 - Executive Functions 101: What Parents Need to Know, Pierce County Chapter of C.H.A.D.D., Tacoma, WA.

Additionally, Dr. Sirs has presented at national and international conferences including at the Learning Disability Association of America's Annual Conference, Council for Exceptional Children, the Social Thinking Provider's Annual Conference, and the Annual Conference of the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation. 

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